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Dig deeper to see clearly

SITS provides you with the tools and know-how to make sense of your website statistics. See things clearly and make better decisions.

information that can help you understand more about clients needs

All SITS websites come with Google Analytics. This tool provides invaluable information that can help you understand more about your clients and what they want.

Many of companies don`t analyze the performance of their websites and still think of their websites as online brochures. But, we at SITS can show you how to make tactical choices by analysing visitor usage data.

Without access to real data, it`s impossible to determine how to improve the website to drive more visitors. The important thing to remember is that it`s not just about the number of visitors.

What matters is what decisions you make with the information that your website has provided for you. It can help you decide on how to improve your content, your advertising campaigns. By looking at where our clients are coming from, or how long they stay on a particular page, you can work out the quality of the traffic, and what you need to adjust in your marketing efforts.

SITS offer our clients a lot of free services. Setting up Google Analytics and understanding what your Google Analytics data tells you are part of the long-term care we like to provide for our valued customers. We will always be at hand to help you interpret the data presented.

Once your website has been up and running for a couple of months, just set up an appointment, and we`ll go through the numbers with you. Along with our knowledge of the web users and your website, we can help you see clearly and make all those important decisions.