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Business to Business Sites

Business clients have different purchasing habits to consumers. It's important that your website specifically addresses their needs. 

Growing specialist company, experts in filtration

Business products and services tend to be more complex than consumer-targeted products and services, which mean that the sales process takes longer and is more engaging.

SIT's Business-to-Business (B2B) websites can help speed up the sales lifecycle and provide strategic value at every stage, from initial enquiry to final close.

More often than not, businesses need to justify their choice in a rational manner, which means that the purchase process is more complex, involving different people, at different stages.

Our B2B sites will address the concerns of CEOs, researchers, technical staff, finance departments – all of which will need to justify the purchase decision from their particular angle.

We use our own in-house copywriters and information architects that will work alongside you to formulate a well-crafted, easy-to-comprehend pitch.

There is also a degree of emotion even in the most rational of business decisions. We all take shortcuts to drive complex decisions. But, within the context of a business, people need to feel in their gut that a business is trust-worthy.

We tackle the issue of professionalism by steering away from hyperbole, cheesy photography and waffle. To prove professionalism and enhance trust, we try to use real or raw photography, and talk in an honest, down-to-earth manner.

On the surface, our websites seem simple, but underneath is a well-designed, well-engineered performance machine.