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E-commerce Websites

Electronic commerce is about giving customers a fantastic shopping experience that they won't find anywhere else. 

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Shopping in the real world can be boring and fraught with frustration, or it can be a real pleasure. It’s the same online.

Online shopping is a retail experience that is as much about excitement as it is about convenience or price.

People want to see that you care about your products because it means that they can trust that you know what you’re talking about. They want to see passion, because passion means you’re not just in it to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, most online shops fail to make the experience worth the effort because their websites are too confusing, too similar to their competitors, too boring, or just plain ugly!

SITS are experts in making sites that look simple and easy-to-use, yet we also bring in a level of excitement that you might get from visiting a flagship retail store.

Remember, it’s not about the technology, features or functionality. There is more to an e-commerce site than a shopping cart and a checkout!

It’s about creating a unique shopping experience that allows the shopper to explore your products without pressure or pain.

You can’t just copy Amazon, or your favourite e-commerce site and expect your site to work. Your audience is unique and their shopping habits must be understood so that you can create a targeted shopping experience that caters to their preferences.

Whether you’re selling an online service or products, whether you’re selling to a local market or internationally, SITS can help you construct a fully customized e-commerce shopping experience.

We can work alongside you to help you formulate a branded look with interesting product descriptions, helpful tips for new customers, support pages, FAQs, returns policy, shipping tables, client accounts, special offers, and inventory tools that all fit your business model perfectly.

Our e-commerce websites are created through a highly collaborative process between you, the business owner, and SITS, because it’s the balance between business- and market know-how, and the digital environment that makes a site great.

That is why it’s worth siding with a company that can guide you through the process, help you resolve issues along the way, and launch a successful online store.