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Care is free

A fast and reliable response from SITS means your site is always up, always current, and always working for you. 

Just fire off an email and we`ll get it done - free of charge, in most cases. Get that extra email account set up or that price list updated - it`s no problem for us and it makes life so much easier for you. It`s just one of the ways we show we care.

Care will make the difference to your project

You only pay for design and development, so you might be surprised how much extra care and attention a web project needs. However, no matter how much time we spend caring, working out details, or solving your business problems, it`s always free.

We`re your long-term partner

We are your digital partners. We`re in it for the long run. We`re not here to sell you things you don`t need. We`ll advise you on the best way to achieve your goals - for free.

Your site comes with 1-year free support

Websites need tweaking now and again. That`s why all our sites come with 1-year free support service, as well as a Content Management System. With our support, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your website is firing on all cylinders. 

We can maintain your website

If you want a higher level of service, you can take out monthly maintenance plans that can cover anything from 24-hour emergency support and regular content writing, to social media management or adding new pages.

Cost-effective additions

As your business grows, your website then needs to keep up. Since we`re familiar with your website, these changes are usually very good value for money. A lot of our clients like to break up their web design projects into phases so that they can launch faster and manage their budget better.

You can depend on your account manager

When you need something done, it gets done. Your account manager looks out for your interests, checks that your instructions have been understood and followed, and makes sure quality is up to standard.

We`re quick to respond

Turnaround times are measured in hours - not days or weeks. Naturally, some things take longer than others. But if you`re in a rush, we will respond fast without charging you extra. We go out of our way to meet your expectations.

CMS training and support included

To help us help you, we incorporate support and in-person CMS training for you and your staff. SITS will provide live demonstrations on how to work the CMS, at the same time allow you to ask questions from our SITS experts.

Management tools and user manuals

Our management tools and user manuals are training resources meant to help users work on your SITS website. You will find fundamental information about how to use our Web content management system.