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Retail & Consumer Sites

Retail sites need to grab attention and stir emotion, allowing the user to enjoy the online experience of your brand. 

SITS can help you win the hearts and minds of consumers, so that you won't be forgotten. We use emotion to drive messages deeper.

Even our simple sites pay attention to visual elements such as spacing, alignment, and symmetry that create a sense of calm and balance.

All our websites are creative. However, consumer-focused sites take things a step further. They elicit brand understanding and create an emotional connection through the use of choice photography, color harmony, iconography, and typography.

Through these visual communication techniques, we help you connect with your customers by engaging them without making them think. It's like when you meet someone for the first time, and there's an unspoken connection. It's not just about what they say. But, how they carry themselves is equally important, if not more so.

During the creative conceptualization stage, we spend more time working out ideal colour palettes, working out what fonts suit your brand, creating illustrations and detailed graphic elements to make your clients feel in touch with your company.

The website goes through more revisions than usual, so that the look is more polished and visually harmonious.