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Launching is just the start

SEO is easier with SITS because we make websites that are easy to modify. We employ methods that search engines like.

optimization and improvement

Before Launch

When you get a SITS website, it will already be partially Search Engine Optimized. As part of our QA process, we use our SEO specialist to make sure that your website uses the correct technical methods that search engines like. However, there are ways of taking things further.

After the Launch

After your website has been up and running for a while and you’ve had time test its reception, the next step would be to refine (or optimize) the text on your website so that people can find you more easily using a search engine.

Gathering Clues

We can help you understand what people might be typing in by looking at your site statistics, and then suggesting related terms which you should then add to your website copy. This is called Content Optimization, and simply means making sure your text is written in a way so that everyone understands its context and relevance.

Improving the content and other SEO techniques

There are other things we can do like make sure your URLs are relevant to what people are looking for. We can make sure the images on your website are described properly.

Most importantly, we can create new content or improve existing content so that it is easier to read and is more Search Engine friendly.