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How to win friends

Imagine if your business were at a party, and it had to talk to other people. What would it say? Hopefully, not, "Hi, buy my product!"

making new friends

SITS Social Media Services

We are here to help you win friends and influence people online. We’ll provide you with interesting conversational pieces and ideas on how to dress appropriately for the venue - be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your own blog.

A positive difference

The Social Media scene can make a positive difference to your business. But, you have to think about how you can realistically use it to your advantage.

SITS can help you connect the dots and come up with a workable content strategy so that you don’t waste time “standing in the corner” or flittering from scene to scene without making a mark.

Providing you with the tools you need

We can provide you with the collateral you will need: blogs, infographics, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds, on your website. More importantly, we can discuss with you how to get all these things done whilst doing your day job. Talk to us to see how we can help you.