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Asset Management

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Asset management is the online application suitable for every company to track their assets and its location in real-time. This asset management will save time and cost for organization to work more effectively.


  • Dashboard
  • Overview of your activity including active tickets, assigned issues, recent assets and licenses.
  • Clients
  • Easily manage all client’s data in one single page.
  • Assets
  • Keep track of all the hardware you manage.
  • Credential Manager
  • Easily manage all your credentials.
  • Assign credentials to assets and/or clients.
  • Have you ever wanted to work on a server or router but cannot remember or find the password? Use Asset Management integrated Credential Manager to store all your passwords in one place.
  • User Portal
  • Easy to use user portal.
  • Your users/clients can Add/ Edit/ View their Assets

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Password : admin@123